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As we said, the history of Corte Oliani dates back to 1958.

As in most farms of that time, growing had the main aim to sustain the stables, which were once considered a source of income and family  livelihood. People grew corn for the grain, wheat to for the straw and flour, barley and rye in spring as fresh forage, alfalfa for the hay, sweet sorghum and sugar beet.

Later, the new market demand changed the farm trend; we gave up breeding and allocated  part of the land  to fruit cultivation such  pears, kiwis and peaches; we also started growing fresh vegetables such as cabbage, savoy cabbage, tomatoes, fennel and chicory.

Since more than ten years we have been making use of growing techniques which respect the environment and  follow an organic process.

Today the farm aims to become a complementary landmark to its holiday farm activity, offering a multifunctional rural-based service to society and environment.

Let’s not forget our poultry, pigs, donkeys, horses…and the garden with its first seasonal products!


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